Assault and Battery Charges

Purposefully causing pain, injury or harm to another person will result in serious criminal charges. Battery necessitates physical force or damage to occur, while assault does not require physical action for conviction. These crimes can classify as misdemeanors or even felony charges, and require serious legal attention. Cases like assault with the use of a deadly weapon, assault against a police officer, or assault against an elderly or handicapped person will be treated harshly and without mercy in trial.

If you or a loved one has been charged with assault, seek professional legal representation at Drummond & Nelson immediately. Our experienced attorneys will know exactly how to handle your case, and will give you an honest and open assessment of your situation. We know the process well enough the deftly navigate troublesome situations and find the best possible solution for you. Our persevering attention to detail will build a strong defense for your case.

At Drummond & Nelson, we understand the emotional and financial difficulties you are experiencing. Assault and battery charges could result in probation, fines, or even jail time. These will have a permanent effect on your life, possibly costing you your career or the people you love. Our attorneys will fight for your rights and ensure that your life and future is preserved. Let us defend you and help you get your life back together.

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