DUI Lawyer Las Vegas

What is a DUI?

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. You receive a DUI when you fail a sobriety test of have a blood alcohol content level above 0.8%.

What will happen to you?

DUI’s typically end with an arrest. You will be read your Miranda Rights and the option to stay silent will be presented to you. Stay silent until an experienced criminal defense attorney is by your side. Things you say will have an affect and will be held against you in court. Any statement will only damage your case. Court rooms have no tolerance for drunk driving. DUI charges range from fines, to suspension, and in worst case scenarios, to prison. To avoid any criminal charges, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Drummond Law Firm to challenge your charges and fight for you. We’ll analyze your tests and results in order to strategize and decide the best way to defend you.

We will challenge the following tests:
-Breath Testing
-Blood Testing
-Field Sobriety Testing

DUI Defense can and will have long term effects on one’s life. The DUI Process can last several months, so you should make the decision to receive legal representation to avoid those long term effects and make the process easier on you. Most people accused of a DUI are first offenders with no criminal background. Regardless of whether you’re a first offender or not, here at Drummond Law Firm, we’ll fight for you. The attorneys at Drummond Law Firm are licensed to practice law in both State and Federal Courts in Nevada. Our attorneys are among the most experienced in trials and negotiations relating to all areas of criminal defense within the following courts and counties: North Las Vegas Municipal Court, Nevada Federal Court, Clark County Justice Court, District Courts, Henderson Municipal Court.

If you’re facing a DUI charge, contact our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at Drummond Law Firm. Our attorneys are well versed in finding ways to challenge all DUI tests. We know how to claim improper collection of evidence. We’ll negotiate on your behalf, keep you free from charges, and help you keep your drivers license. We’ll help you put your life back on track.