“The Drummond Law Firm Difference” – Aggressive Representation

If you’ve been accused, injured, or charged with a crime, stay silent! The things you say during your arrest can and will come back in your case. Exercise your right to remain silent until an experienced attorney is by your side. The attorneys at Drummond Law Firm will aggressively advocate for you in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We will review your case with a close attention to every detail.

By nature, criminal cases are often tricky and a criminal defense charge will affect your life in some way. You can prevent these charges and consequences by contacting an experienced attorney who will fight on your behalf to avoid prison time and fines by developing a compelling case.

Here at Drummond Law Firm, we defend our clients from facing felony and misdemeanor charges in all Nevada State and Federal Courts. We also defend our clients in the cases listed below:

  1. Vehicular Homicide
  2. Habitual Criminal Cases
  3. Burglary
  4. DUI
  5. Bad Check Fraud
  6. Fraud
  7. Robbery/Larceny
  8. Battery Domestic Violence
  9. Child Pornography
  10. Las Vegas Casino Markers
  11. Reckless Driving
  12. Spousal Abuse
  13. Restraining Orders
  14. Simple Assault
  15. Speeding
  16. Rape
  17. Assault
  18. Murder
  19. Prostitution/Solicitation
  20. Gun Crimes
  21. Trespassing
  22. Battery
  23. Hit and Run
  24. Possession of Stolen Vehicle
  25. Conspiracy
  26. Theft
  27. Sex Crimes
  28. Drug Crimes
  29. Kidnapping

If you work with the attorneys at Drummond Law Firm, you can rest assured that we can and will defend you against any charges. We will work with you to reduce your charges. Our prices are fair and reasonable and we allow credit cards and payment plans. Call today for a free consultation.

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