Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer Las Vegas?

Have you or a loved one been charged with domestic violence? Domestic violence charges can be difficult for the accused and their family, and often have lifelong implications, even if found not guilty.

A domestic violence crime is the purposeful infliction of harm upon another person living in the same residence. The other person can be a spouse, family member, child, or cohabitant, and the action can be any threat or violence of a physical and/ or emotional nature that causes a traumatic condition in the victim. Most commonly the charged individual is a male, although domestic violence charges are brought regardless of gender. The violence usually involves one individual forcing dominance over the other.

Because of the violent and cruel nature of these crimes, the court usually rules mercilessly on the accused. Flimsy evidence and fabricated testimonies will hold a lot of weight, so that even completely innocent parties end up with lifelong consequences. We recommend that you bring your case to Drummond & Nelson immediately so we can start building a strong case for you as soon as possible.

If you are innocent and facing domestic violence charges, know that there is always hope. Don’t allow yourself to be convicted for a crime you didn’t commit. Your act may have been in self-defense, which is a defensible argument in court that could limit your charges or have them dropped completely. On the other hand, without professional legal assistance, you could get convicted for more serious charges like assault with a deadly weapon or felony charges. By getting in contact with Drummond & Nelson today, you can take control of the situation before it gets out of hand and has permanent consequences for your life.

Drummond & Nelson is highly experienced in all kinds of criminal defense cases, and has handled many domestic violence cases. We bring expertise and tenacity to each case and are committed to the defense of our clients’ rights. Call today for a free consultation and learn how our attorneys can help you.