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In a previous blog post, our Las Vegas Drug Crime lawyer wrote a post regarding common drug crime terminology. Learning what each drug term means is essential to understanding the different types of drug crimes and their charges. The more common types of drug crimes are explained briefly below:

Possession – Drug Possession is one of the more common types of drug crime. While the laws regarding drug possession are different depending on each State, a possession charge can be issued on both a state and federal level as it is illegal to possess controlled substances like heroin or cocaine. Drug possession usually falls under two categories: simple possession and possession with the intent to distribute. Of the two types, simple possession yields a much more lenient punishment.

Trafficking – Compared to possession, drug trafficking is a much more serious type of drug crime. Drug trafficking is the crime of selling, transporting, or importing of illegal controlled substances like cocaine. Drug trafficking is considered a felony and getting convicted for drug trafficking can land you a prison and the offense may be non-probationable depending on the type and amount of illegal drugs involved.

Dealing – Drug dealing and drug trafficking may seem similar, but are two very different things. Drug dealing, like trafficking, varies in definition depending on the State. Unlike drug trafficking, drug dealing is typically conducted on a smaller scale. Drug dealing charges typically yield less severe sentences but like drug trafficking, it really depends on the amount of drugs involved. A large amount of drugs will yield a more severe punishment.

Drug crimes can be charged on both a Federal and State level. State laws regarding drug crimes/charges are much narrower than Federal laws. Getting charged with a drug crime on a state level will yield more lenient sentences while federal levels will yield a much longer sentence and punishment. Drug crime penalties may vary in severity, but if you or your loved one has been charged with a drug crime like the ones listed above in Las Vegas, make sure to contact a Las Vegas drug crime lawyer to fight for you and protect your rights.

The United States Department of Justice has recently endorsed changes in drug cases “that would reserve the harshest penalties for the most serious drug offenders. The Sentencing Commission proposal, first unveiled in January, would lower by two levels the base offense associated with various drug quantities involved in drug trafficking crimes. If adopted, the change would impact nearly 70% of all drug trafficking offenders and reduce the average sentence by 11 months, or nearly 18%, according to the Commission. As an added result of the new proposal, the Commission projects that the Bureau of Prisons population would drop by 6,550 inmates at the end of five years.” If you are charged with a crime contact our Federal Drug Crime Lawyer, Craig W. Drummond, to see if the recent changes to Federal Drug enforcement policy and sentencing would have an effect on your case.

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