Fiery Crash Leaves Two Men Dead in Las Vegas

As a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, I see a growing number of high-profile fatal accidents.  Las Vegas may be known as Sin City or the fun capital of the world but it can also be a dangerous place to drive.  The combination of massive quantities of alcohol, very little sleep, and non-stop parties leaves a lot of visitors and residents in no condition to drive home.  Unfortunately, this held true on New Year’s Eve when two men died in a car crash on I-15.

News 3 Las Vegas Reported that Only One Car Was Involved in the Accident

The driver was reported to have hit the median, crossed all lanes, and then continued to roll as it went down the highway.  They were driving a Nissan Z and the car promptly caught on fire once it came to a stop.  This all happened around 10 pm on New Year’s Eve and, as a result, the passenger, Darren Tongol Thomas, and driver, Jacob Alan Varner, died.  They were both in their early twenties.

Response from State Troopers

In response to the accident, NHP Trooper Loy Hixson said, “When a vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed a lot of times the result we will see is a fire because the gas tank is ruptured because of so much force or energy that gets redirected.”  While this accident stands out for the severity of it, this is only one of the many fatalities in 2015.  When talking about them, Trooper Hixon expressed frustration over how many lives have been lost saying, “These are families are now broken.”

The Numbers

There were more fatal car accidents in 2015 than in 2014, an alarming trend that no one wants to see repeated in 2016 so it is important to practice defensive driving and to stay alert at all times.  Texting, talking on your cell phone, driving while tired or distracted can all increase the likelihood of you becoming another accident victim.

Victim’s Rights

In cases where only one vehicle is involved in a crash, there is typically no way to recover damages since the driver is usually negligent or responsible for the accident that happened in the first place.  However, an investigation should always be conducted to determine what really caused the wreck.  There have been single vehicle accidents caused by a vehicle malfunction or by road conditions. If you were in an accident like that, you could have the opportunity to collect financial damages.  In this particular accident, NHP Troopers believe that it was caused by him making a lane change while driving too fast to maintain control.  Still, accident victims and their families should always take the time to investigate, research, and speak with a car accident attorney in Las Vegas.

Give a Warning

Do you know anyone that likes to drive too fast?  If so, share this blog post as a friendly reminder of how important it is to drive safely.