Have You Been Fined for Texting Yet?

Have You Been Fined for Texting Yet

In 2011, the Nevada state legislature passed a law making it illegal to talk or text on a cell phone while driving.  In 2012, a fine of $250 began being issued to people caught talking, texting or reading an electronic device while driving.  As a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas I know that this has really only been a small deterrent with many people still talking or texting while driving.

Why Using a Cell Phone is Illegal

It comes down to numbers.  Statistically, you are four times more likely to be in an accident when talking or texting on your phone.  If you want to stay safe or have your teens drive safely, you need to keep the phone away from your hands while driving – period.  This is in part due to the distraction of looking at the screen and also because it slows your reaction time as much as it would if you were to drink and drive.  In fact, studies have found that reaction times are severely slowed even when using a Bluetooth.

Legal Options

If you were in an accident that was caused by someone talking or texting while driving, you should call a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas for help.  In order to qualify for any financial damages, negligence must be established.  That is a legal way to determine who was at fault.  If they were illegally using a cell phone, that will help to demonstrate their role in the accident.  If you were the one on the phone, you may still have options but should speak with a lawyer to discuss your case specifically.

How Common Are Tickets?

If you ask most people if they talk or text while driving they will say yes.  If you ask them if they have ever gotten a ticket for it, you will most likely hear “no.”  As a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas, I want to know if you or anyone you know has gotten a ticket for this.  Also, let us know if your ticket was only for using a cell phone or as part of a larger ticket for something like speeding.  Leave a comment and tell us what happened and where you were ticketed.