Is the Insurance Company Really on Your Side?

No.  As a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas, I work with a lot of clients that come to me thinking that their insurance company will give them a high payout for their injury claim.  It is an understandable misconception because of the client relationship established with an insurance agent when you buy a policy.  They are warm and friendly, trustworthy, and maybe even an actual friend.  The problem is that your insurance agent is not who makes a decision regarding your claim.  A claims adjuster is, and their goal is to keep payouts as low as possible so that the insurance company can make more money.  This is why you should consider working with an attorney.

What You Should Know Before Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim begins with a call to the claims department of your insurance company.  This is not done with your actual agent or with customer service.  They are going to ask you a lot of questions about what happened and who was involved.  My recommendation is to keep the call brief.  They may ask you about things that you do not know, cannot fully remember, or are uncertain of due to the shock of just having been in an accident.  It is better to ask for a follow-up call or have them speak with an attorney instead of answering things in a way that may not be completely accurate.  After all, everything you say is being recorded and could be used against you later on.

Who Pays for Your Medical Bills and Property Damage?

Typically, after an accident, your insurance company will open a claim and provide you with a claim number.  That number is then used by your doctor and the auto body shop for billing purposes.  Your insurance company will then try to collect that amount from the insurance company of the other driver if they appear to be at fault.  The other insurance company may or may not pay.  This process is separate from any lawsuit that you file or damages you are trying to collect with the help of a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas.

How a Car Accidents Lawyer in Las Vegas Works with the Insurance Company

When you hire an attorney, the first thing they will do is to gather information regarding your case, what happened, who was involved, where it happened, etc.  It is critical to understand the facts prior to beginning negotiations.  Once that is done, discussions will begin with the goal of reaching a potential settlement.  Just because the insurance company is looking out for their own financial interest does not mean that they will not negotiate.  Very often things can be settled outside of court.  However, if they cannot, a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas can represent you in court.

What Was Your Experience Like with Your Insurance Company?

Have you ever tried to work with them on your own?  What was your experience like?  Were they helpful or did you feel pressured to settle?  Leave your comments here!