Not All Doctors are Created Equal

It may stand to reason that all doctors are the same, so it does not matter who you see after an accident.  As a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas, I can tell you that the opposite is true.  While all doctors do go to medical school and are likely to provide you with proper care, not all doctors work with accident victims.  They will treat you but they do not have the special training that can help in your recovery and your case.

Find the Right Doctor

After an accident, you can ask a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas for a list of reputable doctors or you can search for one online or through a referral.  When you go to make an appointment, ask if the doctor works on accident cases and if they are willing to testify in court if necessary.  This is an essential duty performed by doctors familiar with treating accident victims.  When it comes time for your court case, the judge and jury will need to hear information related to your medical care.  The best person to explain your condition and the future impact of your injuries is your doctor. Asking this question up front can prevent you needing to switch later on.

You May Need More than One

Many people visit their primary care doctor immediately following their accident.  This is often the easiest person to see on short notice.  They can check you out to make sure that you do not have any internal injuries and prescribe medication for pain.  They will not, however, be the best doctor to help you recover.  It is highly likely that you will need to visit a specialist, chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist as part of your overall treatment plan.  Receiving the right care will help you to have the best chance for recovery.  If you need to see a specialist and the insurance company is trying to prevent this, you may need help from a car accidents attorney in Las Vegas.

Your Doctor Will Need to Work with a Car Accidents Lawyer in Las Vegas

Think of your doctor and lawyer as part of a team.  They will need to work together to build your case.  Your doctor will be able to document what your injuries were, how they are impacting you now, and how they will impact your future.  They will be able to make determinations like whether or not you will be able to work in your current profession.  Your doctor, however, will not work with the insurance company to settle your claim and while they may testify in court, they will not specifically work on your case.  This is where your attorney comes in.

What Doctors Have You Visited?

If you were in an accident, what type of doctor did you visit afterwards? Did you see a chiropractor, general practitioner, physical therapist or some other specialist?  Who was able to help you get the most relief? Leave a comment and let us know.