Police Car Accident with Four People Injured

It is ironic but accidents involving police cars do happen and unfortunately, people are injured as a result.  That is exactly what happened on December 28th when a police car collided with two sedans.  The police officer was driving an unmarked Chevy Impala.  It had lights and sirens but when it went through an intersection with a red light, it hit both a Honda Accord and a Honda CRV.

News 3 Las Vegas reported that the Honda CRV had two women and a small child inside and the Accord was driven by a local Las Vegas man. Those four people had to be treated at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Officer Safety a Topic of Concern for Car Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

Law enforcement officers do an important job in keeping our city safe.  There can be no dispute that when we need help, they are who we trust to come to our aid.  Whether after an accident or a break-in, the automatic thing to do is call 911.  We trust officers to help us stay safe which is what makes these types of accidents so disconcerting.

No one ever anticipates getting into a wreck with a police officer since they are expected to drive safely and follow the rules of the road.  Typically this is the case and most officers receive significant training on how to drive at high speeds or through traffic in order to get to their destination.  Still, when an officer is driving, they can make mistakes just like the rest of us.  We do not know if the accident was the fault of the officer or the other vehicles not pulling over but it raises important questions, including:

  • Should officers be driving unmarked cars?
  • Should lights automatically change to give other drivers more warning or notice?
  • Is it ever safe to pull over in the middle of an intersection?

Law enforcement and state legislators should work together to find ways to improve safety.  If changing protocols or laws will help, it is worth serious consideration.

Have You Been Hit by a Police Officer?

Were you in an accident like this?  Do you know anyone that was in an accident with law enforcement?  This might make for a good story at the neighborhood barbeque but in real life, getting into an accident with the police does not always work out so well.  Just because the driver was an officer does not mean that it was their fault.  A car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas can help by investigating what happened and determining who was actually negligent or responsible.

What Would You Do?

As a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas, we want to know – what would you do in this situation? Leave a comment and let us know what you would do if you were hit by a police officer.