Tips for Driving Safe in a Work Zone

Orange Road Work Ahead Sign showing traffic jam behind in soft focus

No one enjoys road work.  It can cause massive delays on your morning commute and be a general pain when trying to get somewhere.  However, it is this same road work that makes the roads safe to drive on and prevents future delays as roadways are expanded or improved.  In other words, we all benefit from this temporary inconvenience.  Still, roadwork can create poor driving conditions that can lead to accidents – especially if you do not slow down.  As a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, I have spoken with many people that were in a work zone accident.  Here is how to prevent yourself from becoming one of them.

#1 Pay Attention to Road Signs

There are typically signs posted that tell you when you are entering a work zone and what the new speed limit is.  Obey all posted signs for your own safety.

#2 Watch for Workers

Keep an eye out for road crews, people walking in front or around you and any potential equipment that you could collide with.

#3 Avoid Distractions

As a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, I always encourage people to remain aware and alert, eliminating all distractions like talking on a cell phone while driving in a work zone. Since things can change rapidly, you need to be alert enough to catch them.

#4 Remain Calm

Try to relax and just focus on your driving.  If you get too worked up or nervous, you will actually increase the likelihood of making a poor decision.

#5 Avoid Lane Changes

This is not a time to speed up and try to change lanes.  Avoid this when possible since the road could have a strange grade or other factors that could make a lane change dangerous.

Fact: Three people die every day due to a work zone accident.  Around 80 percent of people killed in a work zone are actually people driving or riding in a vehicle.  It may seem like the workers are at the greatest risk but, statistically, this is not the case.  However, you driving safely can protect both yourself and road crews.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas Can Help You Prove Negligence

If you are in a work zone wreck, you should call a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas for help.  This way, a case can be made for why the accident was not your fault but due to the road conditions themselves or protocols not being followed.

Work Zone Wrecks are Common

Have you ever been in one or know someone that has? If so, share your work zone accident story by posting a comment below.