Watch Out for Hit and Run Drivers Like this Woman

Frustrated young woman checking pointing at car scratches and dents outdoors outside

A hit and run driver was on the loose in downtown, crashing into an untold number of vehicles.  While rare, she went on an accident spree before ever being apprehended. News 3 Las Vegas reported that she hit at least three other vehicles but it is unclear how many were actually impacted by her reckless driving.

The Vehicle

She was driving a Toyota truck which made the string of accidents potentially worse.  For example, she was able to take out a street light near Stewart and Main, something that would have probably stopped a small sedan in its tracks.  Why she kept on going, no one knows since normally that would cause a person to at least pull over.

Who Was Hit?

After crashing into the light, she hit two other vehicles near Pecos and Stewart.  The next accident happened a few minutes later as the truck hit five other vehicles.  Unfortunately, this time people were hurt.  Two people were transported to the hospital with one of them bleeding and unresponsive.

Witnesses Followed Her

People that saw the last accident started to follow the truck and found it stopped near Fremont and St. Louis. According to reports, there were open alcohol containers in the truck along with her dog.  She was agitated or combative and was arrested when police arrived.  Fortunately, with the help of witnesses, the truck was tracked down so that the driver could be held accountable.  In many hit and run cases, the driver gets away, leaving victims and their families in search for justice, like with the case of the grandfather that was hit in November.  Often the only way to track the driver down is with tips and leads that the police have to follow up on.  Once a driver is found, criminal charges can be made against them and a civil case filed by a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas.

Ongoing Investigation

Metro officers are investigating the accidents.  Naturally there are quite a few vehicles involved and many potential injuries.  Do you know anyone that had their vehicle run into before 12:40 on January 4th?  Whether it was parked or they were driving, if they were the victim of a hit and run, it could have been part of this accident chain.  Share this blog with them so that they can contact the police, make a report, and see if their accident was part of this chain of events. If it was, their accident could become part of the criminal case against her.