Woman Runs Down Tourists on Las Vegas Strip

As a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, most of the accidents I see are just that – accidents.  They are unintentional, even if the person driving was being reckless or simply not thinking.  In this case, a recent Las Vegas strip accident, the driver was not “accidentally” inflicting pain but doing it deliberately, according to police.

Unseen Carnage on the Strip

This is a terrible and highly unique accident.  The driver, 24-year-old Lakeisha Holloway, drove her car onto the sidewalk, not once but twice.  She ran over several people, wounding them, and killed an Arizona woman.  Understandably, this was a terrifying scene and it caused several people watching the accident to chase down her car in an attempt to stop her.  Witnesses said that it was regular tourists and locals who went after her trying to get the carnage to stop before the police arrived.

Who is this Woman?

According to reports, Lakeisha Holloway is a 24-year-old single mom with a three-year-old child.  The child was also in the car with her at the time of the accident.  Holloway was from Oregon and homeless for the second time in her life.  She was trying to sleep in her car at hotel parking lots and properties around town.  It is believed that she was on her way to Texas to meet with the father of her child.  Afterwards, she did not express regret, appearing to not associate her actions with the death and injury of others.

What Happens Next

She was charged with murder and child abuse, so only time will tell whether or not she will be convicted.  In the meantime, that area of the strip has reopened and any victims have been treated for their injuries.

What You Can Do

This was an incredibly strange accident that no one could have anticipated happening.  It was entirely unexpected.  It is difficult to prevent anything like this so if you were in a terrible accident, the only thing you can really do is to hire an attorney and go after financial damages afterwards.  Any criminal charges will need to be brought by the States Attorney’s office.  Even if the driver is convicted, that does not mean that you would receive financial compensation.  To get this, you will need to file a civil case. This is something that a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas can do for you.

Were You on the Strip at the Time of the Accident?

Were you there or do you know anyone that was?  If so, write a comment and let us know what happened from your perspective.

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