An Overview of Dog Bite Law in Nevada

an-overview-of-dog-bite-law-in-nevadaThere are no established dog bite laws in Nevada that dictate what the owner’s responsibility is. This surprises most people, but in order for there to be laws specific to dog bites, the state legislature would have to enact such laws. Until they do so, dog bites are governed by common law.

Nevada Common Law and Dog Bites

Many Nevada lawyers have taken the approach that in order for a dog owner to be responsible for their dog’s vicious actions, the dog would have to have bitten someone once before, in order to establish a pattern. After all, if a dog hadn’t bitten anyone before, how could an owner know that they would do it at all? This line of thinking has made it hard for attorneys to prove fault or negligence.

But What Is Negligence?

A better approach is to look at the surrounding circumstances. A dog owner may not know for sure if their dog will bite. However, all dog owners know the personality of their dog. They are playful, aggressive, shy, angry, etc. If their dog has routinely done things like chase people, growl at them, or bark in an aggressive fashion, these signs could indicate that there is a high potential of them harming another dog or person.

According to dog bite law in Nevada, we have to prove:

#1 – The owner knew that their dog had “dangerous propensities” that were not normal for that type of dog.

If they knew that their dog was showing signs of being dangerous, they would be negligent if the dog bit or attacked you.

#2 – They caused the attack.

If an owner was instigating the attack, they would be negligent.

#3 – They failed to prevent or stop the attack.

In many cases, there are signs leading up to a dog attacking or biting and an opportunity for a dog owner to do something about it. If they did not step in and intervene, they would be negligent for the harm that came to you.

Dog Bite Law in Nevada Comes Down to Common Sense

In order for you to receive financial compensation for your dog bite injuries, we need to prove that the dog owner was negligent as stated above. Think about what happened when you were hurt and consider whether or not the dog owner knew it was going to happen and could have stopped it. Had their dog been aggressive before? Did everyone in the neighborhood avoid walking by their house for that reason? Those are the surrounding circumstances that paint a picture for this either being a fluke incident or something that could have been prevented. If you are unsure, you should speak with a lawyer.

Do you know anyone who has been bitten by a dog in Nevada?

You would be surprised by how many people have suffered a dog bite in Nevada. These stories can be incredibly alarming. Share yours here. You might be able to help someone else avoid a similar situation by telling them what to avoid or what the warning signs are.