22 Injured in a Bus Crash this Morning in Las Vegas

THESSALONIKI,GREECE - JAN,07: A truck hit a bus which was carrying many passengers on the Egnatia motorway in Malgara on 07January, 2014. Two women died and many others where injuredWHAT TO DO IF INJURED IN A BUS ACCIDENT BY THE DRUMMOND LAW FIRM AND 702-4-INJURY

In Nevada many people are injured while passengers on buses. Most buses do not have seatbelts or other restraint devices and as such passengers can be injured from relatively minor collisions. Further, on a crowded bus a passenger may not be able to see out of the front driver window and may be unaware that a collision is about to happen and unable to brace for impact which further increases the amount of bodily injury they may sustain in the collision.

On April 17, 2016, 22 passengers were injured in a bus accident in Las Vegas. The full story can be found at: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/traffic-transportation/22-injured-one-critically-crash-involving-rtc-bus “Metro is investigating a crash involving a truck and a Regional Transportation Commission bus that injured one person critically and sent 21 others to the hospital Sunday morning.” The collision occurred around 7am near the intersection of McLeod Dr. and Sahara Ave. Many of the passengers on the bus were sent to the hospital after the bus collided with a truck and an investigation was ongoing by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Regional Transportation Commission.

The Las Vegas Review Journal Reported that there have recently been two other incidents with Regional Transportation buses where the passengers have been seriously injured in a collision.

In Nevada common carriers of passengers are “bound to use the utmost care and diligence for the safety of its passengers therein.” This rule applies to buses. The Nevada Supreme Court has determined that common carriers include airlines, trains, buses, and even escalator manufacturers. Common carriers are liable for injuries to a passenger “occasioned by its slightest negligence, against which human prudence and foresight should have guarded.” Legal scholars define the common carrier duty as requiring “the utmost caution characteristic of very careful prudent men or the highest degree of vigilance, care, and precaution.” As such, if you have been injured on a bus or by a common carrier of transportation, the party responsible for your injuries – the bus driver, bus company, or maintenance company – will be held responsible or liable for your injuries and damages if they did not act with the utmost care and diligence for your safety. This is one of the highest standards in negligence law.

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