We Work To Get Settlement Money Fast To Our Clients

We work hard to move every case as fast as possible for Settlement Money  and that includes getting our clients paid as fast as possible after settling a case. There are several key steps that we must always take to get a settlement check to the client:

  • Sign Release: First our client must sign a release agreeing to the settlement. We then send this to the other side’s attorney or their insurance company.
  • Check is Issued: The insurance company issues the check once they receive the signed release.
  • Check is Deposited: The check arrives and we deposit it into our escrow account.
  • Case Closing Report: This is a breakdown for our client showing the specific breakdown of where every dollar of the money goes and most importantly, how much our client will receive.
  • Checks are Issued: The check then clears our bank and we issue a check to our client and any medical providers and lien holders as well as for Attorney’s fees and costs per the Retainer Agreement.

We work diligently to move through this process quickly in order to get money to our clients as fast as possible.

At Drummond Law Firm we will make sure you get your personal injury settlement money as soon as possible. Contact our personal injury lawyers today.