Saving Sandoval Receives Positive Reviews


Craig Drummond‘s new book, Saving Sandoval, has recently been given positive reviews from Vegas Legal Magazine. Check out their latest article to hear how the book is being received among the legal and military community!

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Saving Sandoval covers the events surrounding U.S. Army Specialist Jorge G. Sandoval Jr. who was charged with murder by the very government he had sworn to serve during the Iraq war. The book covers the moment the trigger is pulled, through the trial in a U.S. military compound on the outskirts of Baghdad during the height of the U.S. military surge in Iraq. The book brings the reader into the reality of modern warfare in a post September 11th environment where the enemy does not always wear a uniform and if an event makes headlines military leaders are quick to point the blame on the lowest ranking soldiers regardless of the injustice. The fast-paced and detailed account of the investigation and trial testimony from elite Army snipers brings the reader into the courtroom and onto the battlefield of Iraq.

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