Craig Drummond presides over a public Police Fact-finding Review


Craig Drummond, Esq recently presided over a Police Fatality Public Fact-finding Review to look into the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate death of Tashi Brown.

A video clip captured on Officer Lopera’s body camera showed him chasing and catching Brown and using seven stun gun jolts, at least 12 punches and a neck restraint on Brown for more than a minute — even after a sergeant, Travis Crumrine, told him to let go.

During a review, representatives from the District Attorney’s Office present witnesses and make a presentation of the essential facts surrounding the police-involved death. After the prosecutors finish their presentation, the presiding officer and ombudsman may also ask questions.

Craig Drummond, serving as the hearing officer for the review, chose 47 written public questions to answer from the 83 submitted by audience members. Drummond said the remaining 36 were irrelevant, repetitive or outside the scope of the hearing.

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