At the Drummond Law Firm, we have recently received many questions from current clients, and some new clients, regarding obtaining medical treatment during the coronavirus outbreak. Questions like, “should I treat,” “do I have to continue my regular treatment program,” and “will not treating hurt my case.” These are all great questions and we wanted to provide some input. First, we recommend you discuss your medical condition and treatment needs with your medical provider. Only a medical provider can give you medical advice. Regarding the impact on your case, our recommendation is that you need to make the decision in coordination with your medical doctor. We have been notified that most chiropractic, physical therapy, and other medical offices are instituting additional cleanings and steps to minimize the impact of COVID-19. These include, additional handwashing, disinfecting surfaces on a regular basis and encouraging their own employees to stay home if they or a family member are experiencing illness symptoms.


As in any injury, we still recommend an initial medical assessment early in the case to 1) fully evaluate any injury and treatment needs and 2) document the date, location and mechanism of injury. An initial medical assessment remains an important component of addressing a physical injury and documenting the event. However, after that, the ultimate decision of whether to delay additional treatment is up to the patient and their provider.

Don’t Delay Treatment

If you choose to delay your treatment, we highly recommend you contact the provider and ask them to note in your file the reason for the delay, i.e. self quarantining or social distancing based on the coronavirus outbreak with plans to return at a later date. We also recommend that you ask your provider for some at-home home health recommendations, such as stretching, hot/cold packs, rest, over the counter medications, and ask them to also note any such recommendations in the file.

For more information regarding the Coronavirus, please check the CDC website.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected all of us. The Drummond Law Firm stands with our clients and remain ready to assist current clients, and new clients with their case, medical treatment, and claim. If you have questions regarding your case, or would like to discuss a recent injury and making a claim, give us a call at 702-4-INJURY (702-4-46587).


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