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Our Gun Lawyer on Las Vegas Gun Laws

Gun charges can result in serious consequences including jail time, fines and a criminal record. Consult a gun lawyer if you’re dealing with gun charges.

If you have faced a felony conviction in the past, under Nevada Law, NRS 202.360(1)(a), you cannot possess a firearm. An ex-felon in possession of a gun can result in a category B felony charge with jail time and fines. Further, Federal laws also make it illegal for a felon to possess a firearm. A trusted gun lawyer can help you understand Las Vegas gun laws.

Carrying A Concealed Firearm in Las Vegas

In Nevada, carrying a concealed firearm without a permit is a felony. You must carry your permit and proper ID when carrying a concealed firearm. Even with a concealed carry permit, it is illegal to carry firearms in federal facilities, on military bases, on post office property and in VA hospitals and facilities. In addition, the law prohibits all firearms on the premises of a public school or on the property of the Nevada System of Higher Education, in a child care facility, or in a legislative building.

Discharging A Gun in Public

In Nevada it is illegal to discharge a firearm in public under NRS 202.280 and carries a misdemeanor charge. However, if the gun is discharged by a person in, on or under a structure or vehicle it could be charged as a felony and result in jail time and a fine (NRS 202.287).

Navigating Gun Charges in Nevada

There are different types of gun charges. Some of them reflect state laws, others are based on federal laws, and then there are those that are within the municipalities. Since these can bring serious charges in a nation obsessed with gun laws, it’s no small thing to face a gun charge. In such a climate, it isn’t smart to try to manage the issue on your own. Instead, look to the professionals who have experience in this field. An experienced gun charges lawyer in Las Vegas can fully evaluate your case and help you understand the charges as well as the penalties you face.

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You may think you are abiding by the rules. However, you may find yourself in a situation with severe penalties simply because of a misunderstanding. If you or someone you know is facing gun charges, don’t risk prison, criminal conviction or your right to own a weapon by not taking the charges seriously. The experienced legal team at Drummond Law Firm can help. Contact us online or call us immediately at (702) 366‐9966.