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Each year, more than 50,000 people suffer burn injuries in the U.S. that require hospitalization. Burn injuries can produce significant scarring and other complications and can cause a profound impact on a person’s daily life. If you have suffered a burn injury as the result of someone else’s careless or reckless actions, you can pursue recovery of your damages through a personal injury lawsuit. A Las Vegas burn injury lawyer can help you understand this process.

las vegas burn injury lawyer


There are several types of burns and many common accidents that can lead to them.

Types of Burn Injuries

A burn is defined as damage to the body’s tissues caused by the following:

  • Heat, which produces a type of burn known as a thermal burn. This type of burn can be caused by flames or hot surfaces.
  • Scalds, which are caused by hot liquids or steam.
  • Chemicals, which produce what is known as a caustic burn. Chemicals that can burn the skin include acids, solvents, and detergents.
  • Electricity, which produces electrical burns when an electrical current is released from an outlet, cord, or machine, passing through a person’s body.
  • Inhalation burns, from breathing hot smoke or toxic fumes, causing damage to the tissues of the throat and lungs.

Burns are categorized in degrees of severity, as follows:

  • First degree: The least serious type of burn, a first-degree burn can result in redness to the skin and pain. This type of burn generally heals with at-home treatment and rarely results in complications.
  • Second degree: Second-degree burns cause damage to both the outer layer of skin as well as the layer beneath it. The skin will look red and may appear shiny or wet. There can be blisters, and the burned skin will be very sensitive to the touch.
  • Third degree: Third-degree burns result in the destruction of both layers of skin. Instead of being red, a third-degree burn will often appear black, brown, white, or yellow. This severity of burn is often not painful, as the nerves have been damaged. This level of severity is not only capable of producing scars but also can produce other complications, including a buildup of scar tissue or a tightening of the tissue on jointed areas and the risk of infection in the wound.
  • Fourth degree: This is the most serious type of burn, involving not only the layers of the skin, but also to the muscles, bones, and tendons. This level of severity is more likely to produce infections and future bone and joint problems.

Who is responsible for a bURN INJURY?

Many individuals and entities can be responsible for causing a burn injury to someone else, including property owners, motorists, and even the makers of products such as vehicle parts or household appliances. The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to determine who is liable (legally responsible) for the injury and to calculate the expenses and impacts that the injury has caused to the claimant. In order to prove liability, you must establish the following elements:

  • The at-fault party owed you a duty of care. The duty of care depends on the type of accident that caused your injury and the at-fault party’s role in that accident. For example, if your burn injury was caused by a car accident, the duty of care that was owed to you by the at-fault motorist would be to operate his or her motor vehicle safely and legally.
  • There was a breach in the duty of care. The breach refers to the action that the at-fault party took that was contrary to the duty of care that was owed to you.
  • This breach resulted in the accident that caused your injury and subsequent expenses and impacts.

What Types of Accidents Result in bURN INJURIES?

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including accidents that involve cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles, trains, aircraft, watercraft, bicycles, and pedestrians. Burns can occur due to bodily contact with hot surfaces or flames, or from chemicals such as gasoline that the injured person comes in contact with during the accident.
  • Premises liability accidents, such as fires in apartments, hotels, and commercial buildings.
  • Product liability cases in which a product malfunctions, causing electrical shock, fire, scalds, or chemical burns.
  • Workplace accidents, particularly in the construction industry where workers come in contact with electrical sources, chemicals, and other objects or activities in which there is a risk of burns.

Finding the Best Las Vegas BURN INJURY Lawyer

Burn injury cases are complex. An attorney can provide you with a number of services that are important to your case, including a case valuation, timely filing of paperwork, skilled negotiation in an attempt to garner a fair settlement offer for you, the collection and organization of evidence and witness testimony, litigation, and assistance collecting your settlement or award. Find a lawyer that can give you a fast, effective evaluation to help you make important decisions. The best lawyers can take your case without charging you ANY fees until we recover! The personal injury law team at Drummond Law Firm has your best interests in mind with our Reduced Fee Guarantee®. You don’t pay anything until we WIN your case.


How do you know a burn is serious?

Size is one indication of the seriousness of a burn. Any burn over 3 inches in diameter will need professional medical attention. If the burn is smaller than that but is on the hands, face, or any other sensitive area, that is serious as well. If the burned skin is white or charred, that is also an indication of a serious burn.

Can I sue for a burn injury?

If you or a loved one suffered a burn injury that was due to someone else’s negligence or intentional actions, they may be held responsible for your injuries. In this case, it may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to get the compensation you deserve. Contact our office for a free consultation and case review.

How can a burn injury lawyer help my case?

A good burn injury lawyer will begin representing on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery. They will obtain all the necessary documentation, medical records, and police reports needed to build your case. An experienced Las Vegas burn injury lawyer will help place the liability for your injuries on the negligent party and get you the compensation you deserve.


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