Taxi Accidents

Las Vegas Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer

Have you encountered a las vegas taxi accident? Thanks to our large tourism industry, Vegas is more of a “taxi town” than most cities our size. And, lots of taxis on “The Strip” and other streets equals more aggressive driving and accidents that result in serious injuries. The good news for victims is that when a taxi driver’s carelessness or negligence causes an accident, the accident victim can claim compensation for his or her suffering and losses. Drummond Law Firm’s Las Vegas taxi accident lawyers can help.

The Statistics

With Vegas cab drivers carrying more than 46 million fares a year, all this activity translates into around 2,500 taxi accidents, with a fair number resulting in serious injuries and, sadly, a few in wrongful death claims due to negligence by the drivers of the cabs or the owners of the vehicles who fail to maintain them properly.

Types of Taxi Cab Accidents

Why do taxi accidents occur? Among the major reasons are:

  • Speeding
  • Careless driving
  • A tendency to weave aggressively through traffic
  • Driving over the feet of passengers after they get out of the taxi
  • Stopping abruptly/braking at the last minute, which throws passengers against the side of the cab
  • Brake failure due to poor or inadequate vehicle maintenance

The upside for victims of these accidents is that receiving compensation from taxi companies can be a fairly straightforward process, especially since Vegas taxis carry black boxes that accurately track velocity, speed and even the time of impact, making investigating much easier than in other accident cases. In addition, licensed taxi companies usually have solid insurance coverage.

Ridesharing Accident Attorney

In our city, both Uber and Lyft drivers hit the streets the same day in September of 2015. Both of these are ride-sharing apps that allow customers to hire drivers. But insist they’re technology companies, not “transportation providers.” And, unlike cab companies, both companies are hard to reach.

See more information about ride sharing accidents.

What To Do If You Are Involved in a Taxi Cab Accident In Las Vegas

Making the right moves after a taxi accident is essential to building a strong case when dealing with insurance companies, healthcare providers and the legal system. If the police aren’t on the scene quickly, it’s important to get the names and contact information of any witnesses. Look here to see the taxi cab companies in Las Vegas with photos of their vehicles to help identify them by appearance.

Often tourists are involved in taxi-related accidents. The Drummond Law Firm handles many cases involving out-of-towners; frequently victims don’t even need to return to Vegas for a trial or other legal proceedings.

One of Nevada’s most respected personal injury attorneys, Drummond Law Firm’s Craig Drummond, has tried many personal injury cases and settled many more out of court to the benefit of his clients. He has handled many Las Vegas taxi accident cases and fully understands all the insurance and liability issues associated with these claims, as well as how to investigate claims and build strong cases.

If you or someone you care about has been injured while riding in a taxi, or as a Uber or Lyft passenger, call our Las Vegas taxi accident lawyers for a free consultation. Even if you were injured while visiting the area and have returned home, our legal team can help. Please contact us online or call (702) 366-9966 to find out how we can help you.