Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Attorney

When bicyclists are hit by auto drivers, the lack of protection offered by a bicycle usually means that the injuries sustained are significant, resulting in much higher medical expenses and the need for long-term care.

You may be facing months of therapy and medical care to recover from a bicycle accident. The seasoned Las Vegas bicycle accident attorneys at the Drummond Law Firm can work to show the driver’s negligence so that you can be compensated for your medical expenses and damages.

Inconsiderate Driving Is Negligence

Automobile drivers often fail to treat bicyclists as though they have an equal right to be on the road. This leads to an unfortunate number of accidents that could have been prevented. However, inconsiderate and negligent driving could both be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

For example, many drivers treat the bicycle lane as a passing lane. This can easily lead to an accident and cause serious injuries to a bicyclist. This is especially true around corners or hills when the passing driver doesn’t realize that a bicyclist is ahead.

As your Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney, we can build a case that demonstrates how the driver’s inconsiderate driving proves he or she should be liable for all the expenses associated with your accident.

Common Injuries In Las Vegas Bicycle Accidents

After a bicycle accident, you could suffer serious or even life-threatening injuries. This will inevitably result in significant medical expenses as you recover.

It is important that you seek compensation, by means of a personal injury lawsuit, if you have suffered injury in a bicycle accident in Las Vegas. Some of the injuries you could suffer include the following:

In fact, three out of every four bicycle accidents result in a TBI, which is why it is critically important that you employ an attorney to help you recoup the cost of medical expenses, damages, and injuries from those responsible for your traumatic brain injury.

Statute of Limitations

In Nevada, you only have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim against the other party, making it important to hire an attorney right away.

It takes time to collect evidence and build a strong case. The other party and his or her insurance company may try to stall during negotiations as well, making time of the essence. Don’t miss your window of opportunity to seek compensation.

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