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If You’ve Suffered From A Whiplash Injury You May Be Entitled To Compensation You Need A Highly Experienced Honest Attorney To Fight For You

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs when the head is rapidly jolted back-and-forth — Imagine a fishing rod snapping back when the line breaks, it’s a very sudden, unnatural movement in a fragile area of the body.

If you are involved in an accident like a slip and fall or a car crash, whiplash is a VERY common injury. It can even occur from a simple low-speed fender bender in a parking lot. While it may not always be overly painful at the time of the accident, whiplash can cause severe life-altering injuries and permanent disability for some victims. These injuries should be treated very SERIOUSLY — If you suspect you may have a whiplash injury seek medical assistance immediately.

Was your whiplash injury caused by another person’s negligence? Victims can be burdened with physical and mental distress, medical bills, and lost income after an accident — It can have a MASSIVE impact on a family’s life. Choose a Las Vegas whiplash lawyer that is committed to YOU.

las vegas whiplash injury lawyer


A whiplash injury or a rapid movement of your head beyond its normal range can happen from MANY different types of accidents. In fact, over 3 millions Americans suffer whiplash injuries yearly — Here are some of the most common Las Vegas whiplash injuries:

  • Auto Accidents – The #1 cause of whiplash injuries by a landslide is auto accidents. Whether it’s a car, bus, or truck, even a low-speed rear-end collision the impact can be enough to result in whiplash.
  • Sports Injuries – Whiplash can easily occur from high contact sporting events like football and boxing.
  • Slip and Falls – As experienced Las Vegas whiplash injury lawyers we see a lot of these cases regarding premises liability. Slips, trips, and falls can happen in virtually any environment. If the victim falls backward and is unable to catch themselves, this can cause whiplash among other injuries.
  • Physical Altercations – Unfortunately the City of Las Vegas is no stranger to assault and battery incidents. During a fight or any sort of physical abuse, your neck can quickly be jolted the wrong way resulting in injury.


In Las Vegas, several factors are to be considered when placing the blame for your whiplash injuries. First, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Could the accident have been prevented?
  • Was it caused by another person’s negligence?

If so, gather as much information as possible at the scene of the accident to help build your case. Contact the authorities to file a police report, record witness statements, take pictures, and seek any required medical attention.

Once it’s safe to do so, contact a Las Vegas whiplash lawyer who is experienced in a variety of personal injury cases such as auto accidents, slip and falls, and premises liability. Drummond Law Firm will be right by your side to pursue maximum damages against the negligent driver.


The list of symptoms resulting from whiplash is quite broad. While some may experience mild or intense pain immediately after an accident, others may begin experiencing symptoms hours, days, or even weeks later. It is important to watch for the signs and symptoms of whiplash after an accident as more damage can potentially occur if left untreated.

These are some of the typical symptoms of a whiplash injury:

  • Loss of range or motion in the neck area
  • Neck pain that is worsening with movement
  • Headaches or migraines, most often originating from the lower neck area
  • Tenderness or tingling in the shoulder or arm areas
  • Fatigue and dizziness

Here are less likely symptoms of whiplash that victims should be carefully monitored for:

  • Difficulty concentrating or problems remembering
  • Depression, anxiety, and irritability
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty sleeping


Do I need a lawyer for my whiplash injury?

One of the main conflicts with whiplash injuries is that they may not be obvious right after an accident. Oftentimes they go unreported until weeks or months later, by that time it becomes very hard to pursue a claim for damages against the negligent driver. Even if the whiplash injury does not appear to be serious, contact a Las Vegas whiplash lawyer immediately, they can follow your case and be sure to document the required information to build your case.

What happens if I leave my whiplash injury untreated?

Left untreated, whiplash is an injury that can come back to haunt you in later years. Weakened muscles and tendons put a strain on the neck and back, which can lead to chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, and spine. The added strain can even contribute to other conditions such as degenerative disc disease.

How do I know if a whiplash injury is severe?

Although severe injuries will typically be accompanied by pain and stiffness almost immediately, that is not always the case. If you have been in an accident and you suspect you may be suffering whiplash, seek medical help IMMEDIATELY. Whiplash injuries must be closely monitored as symptoms can often appear days after the accident.


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