What To Do When Your Child is Hurt in a Car Accident

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It is the call that no one ever wants to get – your child was in an accident.  As a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, we see cases like this on a regular basis.  Most of them involve teenagers that were either driving or were passengers in a friends’ car.  Fortunately, most of these accidents are non-fatal, producing injuries that can be recovered from.  If you do get a call like this, it is important to know how to handle the situation.  Since your child is still a minor, they are going to need your help.

Their Safety is Most Important

If you get a call immediately following the accident, you may want to head to their location.  When someone is in an accident they typically go into shock.  Whether they are sixteen or forty, it happens.  The problem is that teens don’t have the experience to deal with the process of collecting information from the other driver, working with the police to file a report, or getting their car to a safe location.  If you are close by or have a family member who is, head over there to make sure that a police report is filed and that your child is safe.

Take Them to the Doctor

Regardless of whether your child thinks they need medical care, it is important that you take them to see the doctor.  Shock makes it difficult to feel the full extent of injuries so they may feel okay immediately after the accident and be in terrible pain the next day.  Getting them checked out right away will help them to recover faster, give them a better chance of remaining comfortable, and either identify or rule out any internal injuries.

A Car Accidents Lawyer in Las Vegas Will Conduct an Investigation

After an accident, an investigation will need to take place to determine negligence or who is at fault.  This is something that the police will work on after a major accident but if they were in a fender-bender or there were no significant injuries, they may not.  In this case, an attorney can help to determine what happened, who was at fault, and build a case that may result in your child receiving financial compensation.

Hiring an Attorney

A car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas can represent your child but, if they are a minor, you will need to be part of the process and sign any contracts for them.  Until they are eighteen years old, they cannot enter a legally binding contract for representation or to accept a settlement offer. As their guardian, you will have to do that for them.

Are You a Teen that Has Been in an Accident?

If you are, or you know someone that does, you have rights.  Just because you are a minor, does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation for your injuries.  It only means that you will need to work with your parent and a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas to handle your case.

If you were in a car wreck as a child or teen, leave a comment and let us know what the outcome of your case was.

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