Some of the Weirdest Accidents Ever

A small red car driven over a wall and crashed into the wall of a church, then wedged at an angle

As a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, I see some strange accidents. Some of these are accidents caused by cars running away from the police or people driving across a median to hit someone in the opposite lane of traffic.  You name it and I have seen it. Still, there are some accidents that just defy logic or any reasonable explanation.  These are your freak accidents that leave you scratching your head. Here is my list of the weirdest accidents ever.

#1 Heart Relocation

There was an Italian man that was in a motorcycle crash. As a result, he had a ruptured lung that air was leaking out of.  This then caused his heart to move or literally relocate within his own body.  His blood pressure dropped significantly and he was at risk for more serious and immediate health problems. Fortunately, the lung healed, his heart moved back to the right spot, and he is just fine. While completely freaky, this is a good reminder to visit the doctor after your accident to make sure that you do not have any strange internal injuries.

#2 Bridge Diving

Bridges all over the country provide plenty of opportunity for nasty accidents that are hard to escape from.  After all, if you see something coming towards you and have nowhere to go, you are a literal sitting duck.  The Bay Bridge is located just outside of Annapolis, Maryland.  It is a huge sprawling bridge connecting the urban area of Annapolis with the more rural Eastern Shore.  Commuters use the bridge to commute to and from work on a daily basis and tourist use it to head out to the beaches of Maryland and Delaware.  Unfortunately, this was the scene of an accident where a Sebring was hit by a semi-truck and then pushed up over the concrete embankment and into the Chesapeake Bay.  No small body of water, the Bay can be a frightening place for swimmers.  The victim had to unbuckle her seatbelt and swim out of the sinking car before swimming to a pile of rocks at the base of the bridge.  This is any bridge drivers’ worst nightmare.

#3 Close Calls with Metal

Recently in California, a metal ramp flew off of a truck and ran straight through the windshield of a BMW.  Fortunately, the ramp came through exactly in between the driver and passenger side so that no one was hurt.  The force in which it came through the windshield could have resulted in a fatality if it had been just slightly to one side or the other.  Another close encounter with metal happened when a crane ripped off the top of a commercial van in New Jersey.  One minute the driver was rolling along and the next minute the roof of his van was completely gone.  He also escaped with only minor injuries. Phew.

#4 Freak Birds

It is hard to imagine someone more unlucky than Matthew Brealy.   He was riding a motorcycle near Chesterfield when a pigeon slammed right into his visor.  It broke his glasses, knocked him unconscious and caused him (in his unconscious state) to hit the accelerator and get the bike all the way up to 140 miles per hour before he crashed into a tree and was ejected onto the road.  As a result, he got a broken leg and two skull fractures – all thanks to a pigeon. Now that is freaky.

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