Prepare for Winter Driving Conditions as You Head Into the Mountains

As a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas, most of the accidents I deal with happen in the city or outlining areas.  With year-round warm weather, most of these accidents have nothing to do with bad weather conditions but instead are caused by things like distracted or reckless driving.  However, just because Las Vegas has warm or mild weather, does not mean that Nevadans are safe from winter storms and the bad roads that come with them.  If you are planning on driving into the mountains or taking a short road trip, you should be prepared for the bad weather and how to safely drive in it.

Safe Driving Tips from a Car Accidents Lawyer in Las Vegas

  • Check the weather. A quick look at the weather report can save you a lot of time and headaches.  Before you head into the mountains, look to see whether you will be driving into a snow or ice storm.  If you are, it is best to delay your trip temporarily until the worst of the storm has passed and the road crews have had the opportunity to go to work clearing the roadways.
  • Look for accidents. It is wise to check accident reports and road closures before heading out.  The Nevada Department of Transportation posts all of that information online.  Taking a few minutes to check can potentially save you hours of drive time that could be spent waiting for an accident to clear and the road to reopen.
  • Use your lights. If you are driving in a storm, put your lights on regardless of what time of day that it is.  Make sure that you are visible to other drivers at all times. This is especially important if you are driving near a big truck.  Get out of their blind spot and give them plenty of room since it is even more difficult for them to drive in winter weather.
  • Stay focused. Distracted or tired driving causes a lot of accidents.  Make sure to stay focused by staying off of your phone and GPS.  Even things like eating or reaching for something in your bag can create a long enough distraction to get into an accident.  It is important to avoid distracted driving at all times but especially when the road conditions or weather is bad.
  • Get a tune-up. You can practice safety before ever hitting the road.  Take your car to get tuned up or at minimum, in for an oil change.  Making sure that your wipers are working and that you have enough tread on your tires will help you to see clearly and respond quickly to anything that happens around you.

Have You Been in a Winter Accident?

As a car accidents lawyer in Las Vegas, we know that winter accidents can produce crazy stories like the time your uncle got stuck in a snow bank.  Do you have a crazy accident story?  If so, post it here!

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