Las Vegas, Nevada DUI Defense Attorneys

You may not feel this way now, but you must know that an arrest is not an automatic “guilty” verdict. Odds are that you feel hopeless. You might have been told you failed the field sobriety test, or the chemical test showed you had a BAC at or above 0.08%. It may seem impossible, but you can still fight your DUI charge even if these things happened.

Don’t try to get through this by yourself; hire experts who know what to do next. After all, every person is unique and subsequently there are plenty of factors that influence your case. This can include prior arrests and convictions (if any) and the nature of your alleged crime. Even the courthouse where your case is assigned will have some effect on its turnout.

There is no doubt that DUI/Driving Under the Influence conviction will have a severely negative impact on your life. Such a conviction will have varying consequences, including but not limited to suspension or revocation of your license, heavy fines, mandatory alcohol-education classes, cancellation or increase of cost for auto insurance, prison, and an interlock device on your car’s ignition. Seeing that public transportation is severely lacking in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas, you will have a difficult time getting around without driving privileges. How are you supposed to get to work with a suspended license? After your license is suspended and you can’t get to work, how will you afford the fines and the increase to your auto insurance? A DUI is going to seriously impact your entire personal life, not to mention your career.

Our attorneys will fight DUI charges however they can, whether that is in the courtroom or at hearings. Based on the facts of your case we will carefully plan out the best course of action and craft a solid defense. Every aspect of your situation will be looked at. We will examine what the police pulled you over, the circumstances surrounding your field sobriety test, and the reliability of the breathalyzer. We have access to extensive research into the science of breathalyzers and how police use them during DUI arrests. Don’t you want to hire a team that knows how to develop a solid case for you based on legitimate scientific evidence?

A Las Vegas DUI attorney from our team will know the best way to get your charges dropped or reduced. This is because they know all the ways to demonstrate a weakness in the prosecutor’s case, whether that is because the breathalyzer was not entirely functional, the traffic stop lacked sufficient cause, alcohol absorption was not enough to show you were impaired, or many other factors we have experience proving.

Don’t leave your case up to chance. If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge, we implore you to call our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys immediately at (702) 366-9966.