Assault Lawyer Las Vegas

The words assault and battery are considered synonyms by some, but under the law in Nevada they are in fact two separate crimes. Both involve intentionally harming someone, but battery is defined by the actual act of physical violence, while assault can only indicate a threat of violence or physical harm. Causing someone to fear for their lives or be scared of being purposely hurt is no joke and the law reflects that.

Aggravated assault refers to the most severe instances of assault. Instances of aggravated assault that are often in the news are those where elderly people are abused by their caretakers or nursing home attendants. Cases that involve weapons or rape can also fall under the umbrella of aggravated assault. These are all crimes that if convicted will have serious consequences for all parties involved.


Have you been charged with assault in Las Vegas?

Depending on the severity of the crime the state alleges you committed, you can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. If convicted you may have to pay heavy fines, do probation, or serve jail time. What would your family do if you went to jail? Even if you serve your time, an assault conviction on your record can prevent you from getting a job, renting an apartment, and doing other things that require background checks. Not to mention the effect it will have on your personal relationships and how you are perceived by others. There is no escaping the stigma of this charge, as it may stay on your record for many years.

Don’t jeopardize your future because you think you’re competent enough to fight this by yourself. The attorneys at the Drummond Law Firm, P.C. have worked with numerous assault cases in Vegas over the years, and they know what it takes to fight such charges. Let us put our legal experience and expertise to work for you so you can get back to living your life. Call us today at (702) 366-9966 for a free consultation.