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Attorney Craig W. Drummond is licensed to practice law in military courts worldwide and is a Veteran of service in Iraq, to include legal missions in the Triangle of Death. Craig has had a nearly two-decade long career handling military cases. Craig was awarded the Bronze Star Medal by General Raymond Odierno for service in Iraq and the Meritorious Service Medal upon being Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Army. On active duty, Craig previously represented the United States as a Trial Counsel and Prosecutor in criminal cases around the globe.

If you are facing trial by court-martial, or an involuntary separation hearing or board, you have the right to an appointed military defense counsel, however, you also have the right to hire an experienced civilian defense attorney to represent and defend you. It is your career and future that are at stake, and it is important that you have an experienced attorney who will advocate aggressively on your behalf. 

Based on his prior military service, Craig is able to professionally and aggressively represent servicemembers in cases and issues involving the most serious criminal charges, administrative boards, or involving the highest levels of classified evidence and information.

Results that Count

Craig has achieved nearly unheard-of success at trial in military cases in Iraq, Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona and Texas:

  • Craig has achieved NOT GUILTY verdicts at general courts-martial, to include serving as lead defense counsel for a Soldier who was found NOT GUILTY of double-murder at a General Court-Martial.  The case is widely known in military circles and was the subject of a highly rated book, Saving Sandoval, written by Craig and published by Wild Blue Press in 2017.
  • In other notable successes in private practice, Craig represented an Air Force Captain at a General Court-Martial at Nellis Air Force Base where he was found NOT GUILTY for the crime of False Official Statement. 
  • Craig represented an Air Force Master Sergeant at a General Court-Martial involving classified evidence and national security safety protocols, where he was found NOT GUILTY for the crime of Burglary. 
  • Craig defended an Airman at Creech Air Force Base and was successful in getting all of his court-martial charges dropped related to his post-traumatic stress disorder while serving as a drone operator. 
  • Recently, in April, 2022, Craig defended an Air Force Captain at a General Court-Martial at Creech Air Force Base charged with two specifications of sex assault under Article 128, U.C.M.J. The military panel found the Captain NOT GUILTY of all charges.

In addition to NOT GUILTY verdicts at trial, Craig has had recent notable success in contested military administrative separation boards with numerous officers and senior enlisted members being retained at their board for the crimes of AWOL, disrespect, fraud, false official statement, and convictions for civilian crimes.


Craig has been recognized as a Military Law Expert for many organizations and media outlets. This includes serving as a special editorial reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal. Craig previously hosted a radio show on Nevada Veterans issues and was also interviewed by Las Vegas News Channel 3 for his input involving a court-martial at Nellis Air Force Base.  

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Experienced & Aggressive

When hiring Craig to vigorously fight for your rights you are choosing a highly experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf.

As a former Captain in the U.S. Army JAG Corps, Craig was personally selected to advise multiple high-level commanders on military justice issues, including Colonels and General Officers, and was one of the few members in the history of the U.S. Army JAG Corps to have both prosecuted and defended murder cases. In 2005 Craig was appointed by the Department of the Army to serve as the Judge Advocate Deposition Officer for a deposition of a detainee being held at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. The deposition involved the investigation and prosecution of U.S. military personnel for misconduct involving detainees and is believed to be the only publicly known deposition to have taken place at the highly secure detention facility.

While on active-duty Craig was detailed to serve in positions as a Trial Counsel, Brigade Judge Advocate and Senior Defense Counsel and it was the experience from all of these positions that he will bring to the battle in your case. Prior to becoming an attorney, Craig served as a First Lieutenant and a Military Police Platoon Leader. supervising Soldiers and gaining invaluable input into military criminal investigations and procedures.

Over the course of his nearly two-decade long career, Craig has represented over five hundred (500) service members involved in military cases and investigations.

Attorney Fees and Costs

Craig maintains a law firm located in Las Vegas and limits his representation of servicemembers to those facing a Special Court-Martial, General Court-Martial or Separation Board at Nellis Air Force Base, Creech Air Force Base, Fort Irwin California, and Fort Huachuca Arizona.  As a highly sought-after military attorney, Craig is able to be selective in the clients and cases that he takes on.  Additionally, in preparing for a trial, and during trial, Craig brings precision-focus to his clients, their case, and getting the best result possible. 

While each case is unique, if you are considering hiring Craig as your attorney, please know that he charges a flat fee for his attorney fees.  The flat fee includes representation for all pre-trial matters, the Article 32 Preliminary Hearing, and at the trial itself.  For representation at a General Court-Martial the fee starts at $50,000 and may be closer to $100,000 based on the type of charges, anticipated length of trial, and other factors that will affect the time and effort required to prepare the best defense possible.  For representation at a contested officer or enlisted separation board, the fee starts at $10,000.

For certain high-profile cases there may be options for payment of attorney’s fees through publicly raised funds with a GoFundMe campaign, however this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Former Jag Attorney  Will Fight For You

Military lawyer, Craig Drummond is a former Capitan in the U.S. Army JAG Corps and has subsequently represented many military and veteran clients. A former client posted this review on Yelp: “I call him Tom Cruise/LT Daniel Kaffee from the Movie “A few good men.”  He is that good.  He will fight for you and defend you ensuring your rights are not being step[ped] on.”  Call the Drummond Law Firm today at (702) 366-9966 for a free consultation.

“I call him Tom Cruise/LT Daniel Kaffee from the Movie “A few good men.”  He is that good.”

If you want justice on your side, then Craig Drummond is the man to help.  A former Military JAG Officer who is well experienced in military law.  I was facing military separation from my former unit whose chain of command are very corrupt, abused their position for their gain and enjoys discharging several people unfairly.  I was advised by a former soldier to hire him since JAG lawyers will not fight as hard as Craig. I am glad he did represent me.  I call him Tom Cruise/LT Daniel Kaffee from the Movie “A few good men.”  He is that good.  He will fight for you and defend you ensuring your rights are not being stepped on.  The outcome was a success on my side.  He is honest/fair and will tell you straight up what the possibilities about your case.  Thank you Craig.  I rate you five stars and two thumbs up. -P.T.

“He knows UCMJ law very well and gave me great advice and saved my career.”

Craig helped me as a military officer with military law problems. He knows UCMJ law very well and gave me great advice and saved my career.  He also filed a 138 when I was getting railroaded, the result brought justice and I am forever grateful for that outcome.  He got a sexual harassment situation resolved very quickly for me.  Think no one cares or wants to help, Craig does and has the power to make good things happen. I would hire him again and probably will, he’s addictive once you realize how much good he can do.  He’s helped me on more than three separate occasions make the military legal system work for me, and I’m not high ranking. He has also helped 0-7’s and above keep things moving too… Craig is high speed, let him treat you like a General! -K.V.