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Military  Members  and  Veterans

Service  Members  and  Criminal Charges

If you are in the military and face charges of a civilian crime in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson or Southern Nevada area you need a military lawyer that understands what a criminal charge can do to your military career. It is your career and future that is at stake. It is therefore important that you have an experienced military lawyer who will advocate aggressively on your behalf.

Attorney Craig W. Drummond is a former JAG lawyer and is a decorated combat veteran. Craig was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for service in Iraq and the Meritorious Service Medal upon being Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Army.

Craig represents service members in the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines who are facing criminal charges in Nevada courts. Many past clients are from Nellis Air Force base, Creech Air Force base, Fort Irwin, California, Fort Huachuca, Arizona as well as numerous other military locations in the United States.

Criminal Charges  and  Your Military Career

Criminal charges can have a serious effect on your military career. For example, if receive a conviction of Domestic Violence you could face an administrative discharge. The Federal Law called the Lautenberg Amendment bans people convicted of a domestic violence crime from owning or using a gun. If you are a servicemember facing charges of domestic violence you need a military lawyer that understands your charge as well as the possible ramifications it could have on your career. Former JAG lawyer Craig Drummond understands these ramifications and can fight for you.

Nevada  Veterans Court

In 2009 Nevada authorized Veterans Court for current military members and veterans under NRS 176A.280. This was to help military members and Veterans get treatment rather than jail time. Not all Attorneys know about the Veterans Court program or how to get their clients into the Veterans Court program. You need an attorney that understands and can help you navigate Veterans Court and all of its benefits. Attorney Craig Drummond is an advocate for the Veterans Court program. He also authored this article in the Las Vegas Review Journal “Don’t mess with the veterans court system”.

Who Is Eligible for  Veterans Court?

A veteran or a member of the military who appears to suffer from mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse or post-traumatic stress disorder may be eligible for Veterans Court. Also, if a problem appears to be related to military service or readjustment to civilian life they may be eligible. Veterans who would benefit from assignment to an appropriate treatment program may also eligible.

  • “Member of the military” means a person who is presently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, a reserve component thereof or the National Guard. NRS 176A.043
  • “Veteran” means a person who has served in the Armed Forces of the United States, a reserve component thereof or the National Guard and has received a discharge or release therefrom. NRS 176A.090

What is the Benefit of  Veterans Court?

Upon fulfillment of the terms and conditions, the court shall discharge the defendant and dismiss your case (NRS 176A.290). In addition, after dismissal the Court shall seal the case and record (NRS 176A.295).

In The  News

Craig has been recognized as a Military Law Expert for many organizations and media outlets. This includes serving as a special editorial reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal. Craig previously hosted a radio show on Nevada Veterans issues. He has done an interview with Las Vegas News Channel 3 for his input involving a court-martial at Nellis Air Force Base.

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Former Jag Attorney  Will Fight For You

Military lawyer, Craig Drummond is a former Capitan in the U.S. Army JAG Corps and has subsequently represented many military and veteran clients. A former client posted this review on Yelp: “I call him Tom Cruise/LT Daniel Kaffee from the Movie “A few good men.”  He is that good.  He will fight for you and defend you ensuring your rights are not being step[ped] on.”  Call the Drummond Law Firm today at (702) 366-9966 for a free consultation.