Nevada Criminal Defense and Drug Crimes Attorneys

Drug crimes are no joke; the legal and judicial system work in tandem to punish those who have been convicted. Such convictions can result in community service, probation and/or state prison. If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a drug crime, it is of upmost importance that you seek the best legal representation. Without proper guidance, drug charges could jeopardize your future. The last thing you want is to lose out on employment or other opportunities because of a drug conviction.

Whether it is distribution, possession, sale, or trafficking of illegal substances, you could be in very serious trouble. It is true that the harshness of your penalties depends on how much and what drug is involved, but there are a variety of other factors at play as well. For a favorable outcome it is absolutely vital that you have an expert lawyer who knows the system and the rules when it comes to drug charges. You may think you know what to expect, but only someone who deals with the legal system professionally can really guide you.

In the great state of Nevada, drug arrests most often involve methamphetamine, ketamine, crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy, Vicodin, and heroin. Trafficking, transporting, possessing, possessing to sell, and other crimes involving one or more of these substances will get you into serious trouble.

Every drug case is different, and you deserve a personalized look at your situation to determine the best course of action. After all, there may be mitigating circumstances that you are not knowledgeable of that an attorney may point out to help you case.

When you hire the attorneys at Drummon & Nelson, it will be like someone looked over your case with a fine-toothed comb. Every aspect of your case will be reviewed, and appropriate action will be taken. Don’t just plead guilty and take whatever life-altering punishment they courts give you. Call our attorneys so they can fight for the best outcome for you.

Contact the criminal defense attorneys at Drummond & Nelson immediately if you have been charged with a drug crime. Let us help you during this difficult time.