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Las Vegas Casino Marker Lawyer

A casino marker is like an interest-free loan that the player takes out from the casino. If you fail to pay back the loan within a short period of time determined by the law, typically 30 days, it can result in serious criminal charges. If you take out a casino marker and are unable to pay, you could be accused and convicted under fraud laws or the laws governing writing a bad check and you could be arrested and face felony charges.

If you have an unpaid casino marker, you need to hire an experienced Las Vegas casino marker lawyer immediately.

Nevada State Law Favors the Casinos

Did you know that the casinos use Nevada state laws to collect on debts. The district attorney’s office essentially acts as a legal form of debt collection in these situations.

These laws allow the casinos to have the district attorney’s office issue warrants for your arrest for unpaid casino markers. Police may then come and arrest you because you have not paid your debts to the casino.

While debtors’ prison is technically illegal in the United States, the casinos are able to take advantage of Nevada laws related to fraud and writing bad checks, thereby achieving a result that is fairly similar.

Other penalties for not paying a casino marker may include any of the following:

  • Arrest and jail time
  • Paying the fees associated with being extradited to Las Vegas
  • Monetary fines
  • Collection fees
  • Financial restitution

What If You’re from Out of State?

Even if you live outside Nevada, a warrant can still be issued for your arrest. You can be arrested and then extradited back to Nevada where you will face criminal charges. You could even be responsible for paying the bill for your extradition as well as spend a considerable amount of time in jail as you await the extradition transport to Nevada.

Your Options

It may be possible to negotiate with the casino or District Attorney’s office before an arrest warrant is ever issued. This can be the best-case scenario for anyone looking to prevent the public embarrassment of being arrested, jailed, and forced to stand trial. Failure to pay back a casino marker can impact your future and your ability to get a job.

At the Drummond Law Firm we have experience aggressively negotiating debts with the casinos on behalf of our clients. Contact us to determine if this is an option in your case.

Contact A Lawyer

While a casino marker violation may not seem as serious as something like assault, these laws are aggressively enforced and if criminal charges occur they are normally at the felony level with serious ramifications. It is actually in the best interest of the state to do so because they often collect a percentage of what is paid. As a result, you will essentially be up against both the prosecutor’s office and the casino.

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