Did You Know that Nevada Has a Freeway Service Patrol Program?

did you know that nevada has a freeway service patrolAs a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, I am often reminding clients of what to do in the event of an accident.  Typically, you should call the police for assistance getting to safety and to file a police report.  There is, however, another agency that can help – the Freeway Service Patrol.

Just dial *647 or 911 and either they or the highway patrol will be sent to your location. (Note: do not chat on our website, we are not the Freeway Service Patrol).

The Scoop on the Freeway Service Patrol Program (FSP)

This is a program run by the Nevada Department of Transportation. The FSP operates in the Las Vegas and Reno/Sparks areas.  They provide Incident Response Vehicles in Las Vegas as well.  You may see their vans out and about as they remove stalled vehicles, road debris or help to clear minor accidents as quickly as possible.  They provide accident support so that the wreckage can be cleared and traffic can keep flowing. This also means that if your car has stalled, they can help you.

Just dial *647 or 911 and either they or the highway patrol will be sent to your location.

They Are Certified

The Freeway Service Patrol program is manned by people that are certified in first aid so they can provide basic care as a first responder.  They are also trained in Automotive Service Excellence which means that they are prepared to quickly remove your stalled vehicle after a wreck or mechanical problem. They often work with law enforcement so if you are assisted by an FSP crew, you can still file a police report afterwards.

They Have Set Routes

The FSP drivers have set routes that they need to travel.  These have been assigned based on the areas that have high traffic counts or see a lot of accidents and stalled vehicles.  If you see one of their vans and need help, you can try to waive them down.  You can see their routes on this map and their hours are listed as well.

Tips from a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

As a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, I recommend that if you have been in a wreck, you call 911.  They will send the right responder to the scene based on the description of the accident and who is close by.

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