It has been reported that an employee of the North Kansas City Hospital may be a peeping tom and placed a video recording device in a locker room/restroom used by female employees and staff at the hospital. Detectives from the North Kansas City Police Department are investigating. Many employees and staff have been notified that there may be recordings of them and that they are potential victims in the case.

At this time, the Drummond Law Firm has been retained by at least one employee and is conducting an inquiry into the facts and circumstances surrounding the reports. We are undergoing a North Kansas City Hospital Camera Investigation. It has been represented that the video recording device was placed in the locker room/restroom in the September to October 2023 time-period. The entire length of time the camera was present, and full extent of the videos and recordings, is still being reviewed.

Our lead attorney, Mr. Craig W. Drummond, is a Missouri licensed attorney and has been for nearly two decades. Additionally, with Mr. Drummond’s background as a Federal Military Prosecutor and Judge Advocate (JAG) for the U.S. Army, his office and team bring a unique skill set handling these types of very sensitive cases. Further, the Drummond Law Firm has teamed up with an experienced Kansas City based law firm to also assist the clients and victims protect their rights in this case.

Individuals who are believed to have been video and/or audio recorded related to the incident may have a civil claim for damages and injuries regarding the recordings. The below information will be used to assess if you have a potential civil claim and to setup a no-charge initial consultation with our office.

Please know that the person who is alleged to have placed the recording device in the locker room/restroom has not been found guilty in a court of law. Additionally, at this point, no person or entity has been adjudicated or found liable by a court regarding the recording device allegations or for the damages suffered by the victims of these recordings.

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